Kasey Jones, Ink.
Imagine. Create. Inspire.


Direct yet conceptual. Provocative and engaging. Design & illustration for brands, publications, and people.


About Kasey Blaustein
and Kasey Jones, Ink.

A native Californian, Kasey Blaustein has been creating, branding, drawing, and chalking for herself, friends and family for over a decade. Prior to founding Kasey Jones, Ink. Kasey worked in entertainment marketing and events in Los Angeles, experiencing first-hand how top-tier brands engage with their consumers, and developed a keen sense of what makes an event leave a lasting impression. Marrying her skill for executing exclusive events and her passion for art, Kasey indulged in her creativity and trained with professional artists throughout the country. Kasey officially opened Kasey Jones Ink. after her art picked up interest from industry contacts, friends and strangers, leading her to generate business through word-of-mouth only.

In 2014, Kasey officially launched Kasey Jones, Ink, a one-stop creative shop for art-powered experiences.  Her greatest inspiration comes from her grandmother Adela’s passion for creating personalized gifts…just for the simple joy of giving…and her grandpa Roy’s meticulous dedication to stellar craftsmanship. When Kasey isn’t working out of her art studio in Larchmont Village you will find her at hot yoga in Miracle Mile, exploring new art pop ups in downtown Los Angeles, or brunching with her friends by the beach.

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